Over the past four years I have made it my #1 priority as your City Councilmember to represent all of Pleasanton.  I am extremely proud of my job as your Councilmember and of our community and the residents who live here.  As an active and involved resident and parent for over 24 years, I understand we live in a treasured community that we all enjoy.  I am a local businesswoman who works throughout the Tri-Valley.  I interact with many Pleasanton residents each and every day.  

I believe Pleasanton achieved our numerous awards as one of the nation's great cities to live and to raise a family due to our years of well-planned and conservative growth policies.  Blended with the protection of our environment, our treasured downtown, our scenic hills and open space, we have a winning combination.  

Based on a recent City survey, top resident concerns were: water in our fifth year of drought conditions; traffic and the dangers of cross-town and freeway slowdowns; and maintaining our top level schools.  We must return to the basics of how our town initially gained the distinction of being a premier place to live.

  • Continue well-planned slow growth policies to ensure a high quality of life for our residents
  • Keep traffic safe and reasonable for local drivers and commuters
  • Guarantee a clean, plentiful and reasonably priced water supply is available to our residents
  • Continue to support our Police and Fire departments to ensure a safe community
  • Invest in our family friendly amenities like parks, libraries and community facilities for all to enjoy.

In order to achieve these goals, I have always been fully prepared and researched on each issue at each City Council meeting, which occurs twice per month.  Our large agenda packets have become famous for their size with many arriving in a cardboard box.  In addition to our Council meetings, I have been honored to represent the City of Pleasanton on many local boards, commissions and city-led Task Force.  Some of my jobs have included:

  • 2015 Vice Mayor, City of Pleasanton
  • The Pleasanton Civic Center/Library Facilities Committee – planning for a new and larger public library, a new civic center and more
  • Vice Chair of LAVTA/Wheels Bus serving the Tri-Valley
  • Pleasanton Financial Audit Committee
  • Alameda County Fair Liaison Committee
  • The City of Livermore Liaison Committee
  • Waste & Recycling Committee, negotiating rates and service with Pleasanton Garbage Service
  • East Bay Regional Park District Liaison Committee
  • Zone 7 Water Liaison Committee, our water supplier 
  • A member of the Water Roundtable for water suppliers in the Tri-Valley area
  • And many more.

In addition, I am proud of my outreach to the community and my open policy to meet and discuss with residents feedback, concerns and ideas on all sides of an issue.  I try to respond to all emails and provide thoughts and feedback to residents.  As your councilmember, I must remain open-minded and continue to listen to ideas until a final decision is made.  It is impossible to please everyone, but truly try to find a happy medium, if one exists, that is acceptable to all.

In response to plans for East Pleasanton Specific Plan, I have remained steadfast - we do not need to plan for more development in the approximately 1000 acres between Pleasanton and Livermore.  There is no rush.  Let's leave some land for future generations to plan and use.  I do not believe it is the job of this council to plan and develop every square inch of Pleasanton’s developable land.  We have no crystal ball, so let's allow future generations to make plans for their own needs, whatever that may be.

I am proud to serve my community as your Pleasanton City Councilmember. In addition, I am a local businesswoman. I was born in Napa, CA and raised on a Vineyard before going away to college.  I understand the value of hard work and the rewards of success.  I have the experience and skills to represent the people of Pleasanton and I know how to use them.  I graduated from San Jose State University and worked in the Semiconductor Industry for over 10 years.  My husband, Tim, and I raised our three daughters here, all active in soccer, academics and other youth programs.  As a proud mom, all three young women were well-prepared by Pleasanton Unified School District, seamlessly succeeded in college and have achieved their college degrees.

I would be very proud to continue the work I have done for the city and ask for your vote for 4 more years. 

Please RE-ELECT Karla Brown for City Council in 2016.