I will bring new energy and strategies to keep our City great for the next four years.  

The following is a partial list of goals as your Pleasanton City Councilmember:

  1. Support SLOW & SMART GROWTH policies. Expansion should be gradual and well planned.

  2. Develop a plan for our financial future that addresses LONG-TERM CITY DEBT. Changes are needed to address our unfunded liabilities.

  3. Remain committed to OPEN SPACE & RIDEGELINE PROTECTION. I was a leader in getting ridgeline preservation initiatives to the ballot. Voters overwhelmingly agreed, enacting strict protections.

  4. Safeguard HISTORIC DOWNTOWN HOMES & NEIGHBORHOODS, while supporting a thriving downtown community.

  5. Work with you, the PEOPLE of PLEASANTON. Working as a team, we can retain our quality of life, top schools, businesses and safe neighborhoods; all in our friendly small town!

In summary, I will support slow and carefully planned growth, control City spending, help fill the large number of commercial vacancies by attracting new local businesses, support a Community/Youth center and most important- represent you the voters.