I am honored to serve as your Pleasanton Councilmember since 2012.  With your vote, I will continue to be YOUR voice in city leadership.  Pleasanton needs:

  1.  “SLOW and SMART GROWTH” programs that protect our small-town character, ease crowded schools and reduce traffic.

  2. More fresh-quality drinking WATER is needed, especially in a drought. The best short-term solution is expanded recycled water for irrigation.

  3.  Plan a LARGER LIBRARY and Community Center.  Moving city government to the Bernal Park will extend Main Street, and create a more vibrant downtown.

  4. Protect OPEN SPACES and ridgelines.  

  5. Extended CITY VISION.  As your representative, I supported safeguarding our historic homes, reducing pension debt, prohibiting smoking in parks, approving construction of Bernal Park 2, recycled water pipes, a dog park, our distinguished Veteran’s Memorial, and supporting our Fire and Police personnel –crucial to our safe town.  

With your help, we blocked planning a massive 1300 unit housing project in East Pleasanton -during the drought. I am a 24 year resident, with a history of volunteering in schools, Rage soccer coach, and Valley Humane. I am experienced, I listen, and I get things done for you!  www.Vote4Karla.com